Helping Your Organization Meet Challenges And
Succeed In Your Mission

Our clients work to better their communities, our state, and our world. Hubay Dougherty’s mission is to help these organizations succeed and enact policies that help people.

Representing clients statewide and nationally in legal matters since 2016.

Representing clients statewide and nationally in legal matters since 2016.

Experience, Knowledge And Advocacy On Your Side

Our skilled lawyers bring a depth of knowledge and experience to each client they represent. Founding attorney Scott Hubay leverages his political and campaign background to serve as a diligent in-house legal resource. He knows how campaigns operate and how unanswered legal questions can create barriers to an organization’s growth and program execution. He has represented the Ohio Democratic Party, statewide senate and gubernatorial campaigns, congressional campaigns, local and state legislative campaigns, mayoral and county executive campaigns, and political action committees.

Partner Trent Dougherty brings a wealth of knowledge and nearly 20 years of experience representing nonprofit organizations, within which he has held various positions. He has represented clients before the Environmental Review Appeals Commission, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Ohio General Assembly and Congress. Trent draws from his experience and knowledge to empower nonprofit organizations with effective solutions designed to help them overcome challenges and accomplish their goals.

Whether you are running for office, developing clean energy projects, or an organization looking to lead positive social change, we are here to be your thought-partners and problem-solvers.

Attorney Scott Hubay

Scott Hubay

Attorney Trent Dougherty

Trent Dougherty

Political Law

Political Law

Non-Profit Law

Non-profit Law

Energy And Environmental Law

Energy And Environmental Law

Conservation Ohio
Chris Ronayne | For County executive
Ohio Native Plant Month
Cleveland | TES | Educate | Empower | Connect
CUB |Citizens Utility Board Empowering Ohio Consumers
Elizabeth Walters | Summit County Council Member At Large
Kerry Mccormack | Cleveland City Council Ward 3
Jennifer Mcclellan For Congress
Nan Whaley | Cheryl Stephens
Ohio Democratic Party
Ohio Environmental Council
Power A Clean Future Ohio | Legal Communities Leading The Way
Red Wine & Blue
SOPEC | Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council
Black Environmental Leaders
Casey Weinstein For state Representative

Fostering Client Relationships

At Hubay Dougherty, we understand the importance of building strong attorney-client relationships. Our lawyers want to foster the relationships that they create with each client. As your legal counselors, they will take the time to learn more about you as an individual, your organization, and what your needs and concerns are. Taking this personalized approach allows our team to develop a strategic plan that is custom designed to remove challenging obstacles and optimize your success now and in the future.